Im A Frontend and UI/UX developer,
With a passion for creating slick digital experiences.
Some Things I've Built

Ecommerce website for a international business. based on shopify as a backend managing system. The idea of this project is to build highly flexible schema and smart customization.

The way

how i work

Project structure

Building structural project is the first step to start any project. In which case i more likley to integrate design system to my projects. As core that contains all the services, components and styles that are used. as modules that contains all the pages and components that are used.

Preferable tools

I prefer to use the tools that i'm familiar with, and i'm always. Typescript for the type safety and the intellisense. React for the component based architecture and the reusability. Redux for the state management and the scalability, and maybe recoil for future. Tailwindcss for the utility first approach and the customizability. Framer motion for the animations and the interactions.

UX/UI Design

I'm a self taught designer, i'm always trying to improve my skills. I'm using figma for the prototyping and the design. I'm using adobe illustrator for the vector editing and the design.

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